Lowa Renegade GTX Outdoor Boots Review

Erick Samuel Wofford

After many hard lessons, I have learned that tennis shoes are not for hiking, in most cases. Shape Up shoes aren't for hiking either, this I learned through calf muscles so destroyed that I could barely shuffle up a wheel chair ramp into Ruby Tuesday's.


After some research, I concluded LOWA, a company that produces European crafted outdoor boots, looked to be one of the highest quality contenders on the market.

While I tested the Renegade GTX boot, LOWA's basic hiking footwear, I put them up to the ultimate challenge by trekking out into one of the United State's coldest environments during one of the harshest winters in years...Jackson Hole.

Name an outdoor activity, and we probably did it. Snow tubing down Snow King Mountain, hiking 2 miles in knee deep snow to a historical homestead, treading through the Targhee National Forest to find the ultimate sledding spot, Wildlife spotting in the Tetons and forging over straight sheets of ice were a few of the rigorous activities I put my boots through.

Despite these Renegades being directed toward typical hiking escapades, they faired surprisingly well due to their structure and materials. My feet stayed warm and snug, yet comfortably fit, preventing blistering on our extensive hikes through record deep snow. LOWA boots have some special qualities that rank them highly when compared to competitors. And in case you were wondering, they do have snow boots as well.

Gortex is a patented membrane used in outdoor footwear, clothing and other products. While remaining breathable, the fabric manages to keep feet completely dry, meaning warmer as well.

Durable materials
LOWA uses a more economically friendly polyurethane (or PU) sole. This is particularly perfect for hiking through mountainous regions as the material absorbs shock and is extremely durable. Comfort is highly important when considering hiking boots, and the sole provides ample cushioning to prevent foot strain. With my stress fracture history, boots with cushioned support are vital.

A type of leather encases the boot and also prevents moisture penetration. Secondly, when cared for properly, the leather will last forever. Mud covered boots can be brought back to life by following the care instructions.

Easy on and off
The partially open, metal lacing prongs make it easy to secure the top portion of the boot to the perfect fit. Unlacing and removing is effortless due to this design. I hate trying to peel frozen boots off my feet, but with this method, they pretty much fall off when the laces release.

LOWA offers several types of grips; some are more specifically for ice, but I found the Renegade GTX grip kept me upright 100% of the time, despite Jackson Hole's icy streets, which could also serve as an ice rink if you are packing some skates.

For the elderly, strong Grips are crucial in colder climates, so I'd recommended a good boot like these if you have loved ones in those areas.

My overall analysis concludes that LOWA boots are specifically useful in harsh climates and rugged terrain. The sleek look and variation of color selections add style to functionality; I wore mine out to eat because it was ridiculously cold there, of course. The grey leather with purple accents paired with just about every clothing option I packed in my suitcase. I'll be using my Renegade's for life. Now to Alaska!

Karyn Wofford
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